Speed Dating

4:36 PM

Since this rain is causing me to have to stay in the house...the whole damn day,I've had time to think,and I've been thinking about speed dating.Ten minutes of a conversation with a man I don't know but I'm trying to get to know sounds like...some shit I'd try.But being the person that I am,I can already tell you how this would go.

Him:So what's your name?

Me:Alana(looking disinterested)

Him:Tell me about yourself

Me:What do you want to know? (Frown on my face)

Him:I want to know everything

Me:I'll give you the basics.(eyebrows raised)



*the bell rings and it's time to switch people*

Me:Thank GOD!(rolling eyes)

Him:Nice meeting you(smile)

Me:Yeah,you too(fake smile)

I just think I'd be wasting my time and his,but I really want to try it just to see if I can place my attitude in check and give a guy a chance.I think I need to call some of my friends and see if they want to do it to.

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