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In Sickness And In Health

3:38 PM

I take wedding vows very serious,which is why I WILL NOT take them.I Alana Jennifer refuse to make promises in front of hundreds or thousands of people and a man of GOD and promise to do something that I'm not sure I'll do. Since my mom has come home from the hospital,I have had the chance to see if my father takes his vows seriously...I don't think he does.He complains,fusses, refuses,and just acts like an ass when it comes to helping her.Now I was at the wedding and although I don't remember everything that went on,I do however know they promised to be there for each other in sickness and in health.Why take that vow if you don't mean it?I would have asked the preacher to skip that part because I'm not sure I can commit to something like that.But everyone isn't like me,so whatever.But I will forever have a problem with people taking vows and not meaning them.Just promise me privately that you will love me and stick to your word,because love is the one thing that a relationship can not survive without.
*Marriage to me=I can't,I won't,I refuse*

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