I Don't Want To Get Married So Let Me Be Great!

2:25 AM

I've been saying this for years and I mean it.I've never had a good representation of what a "good" marriage is.My parents' marriage is not the blueprint for a happy marriage,my brother's "once was" marriage was not the blueprint for any kind of marriage,and so as I got older I quickly decided that marriage was not for me.I was never one to sit in my room and think of what my wedding dress would look like.Instead, I was picking out my maid of honor dress for my best friend's wedding.

The argument that I am constantly having with people is that I will be living in sin,if I have a baby it will be born out of wedlock(well shit so was I),and the fact that no man will want to live like that.The last one I can kind of agree with,but if the man isn't willing to be with me without the paper with our signatures,he isn't the man for me.But the rest of that is just opinions that I never asked for and I don't believe in.

Why is it that I have to marry someone in order to be with them forever?I mean seriously,all that piece of paper tells me is that if this shit between me and whoever is in my life doesn't work out,we are going to have to pay to break away from each other.What most people don't realize is if you're with someone for seven years,it becomes a common law marriage so what's the point of marriage again?Hell if any man last seven years in my life,we can just buy each other rings and give each other the title of husband and wife.I personally don't need a wedding dress,a wedding, a cake,or a party to prove my love for someone and I don't need that to know that I am loved.

Marriage does not keep a person from cheating,it does not make them love you forever,it does however make others feel better,but I'm not for pleasing others so that goes right out of the window.And for me, it will NOT make me feel more complete.Love should give you the feeling of being whole and feeling complete.Not a union that a lot of people don't really honor anyway.So I say this,let's not stand up in front of a man of God and make promises that we may or may not keep.I'm not getting married so let me be great damn it.

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