You've Got Questions...I Might Have Answers

9:24 PM

My younger cousin keeps me sharp and she is constantly making me think.

Her question:How come people change when you die? the person/people who hated you when you were alive love you when you die . whats up with that help me understand.i mean if you didn't like me then do like me now

My answer:I normally have an answer for you,but that one is hard.Let me try:The people that are wrong love you/like you when you die because chances are they never got the chance to say sorry and their heart is very heavy.Hate is heavy,and only the strongest and most stubborn person can actually carry it around without ever putting it down.

Every time I answer one of her questions I wonder if I'm guiding her down the right road or if I am setting her up for failure.You never know how your words affect a person's life until time passes and the signs start to show.

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