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Camera Shy

9:29 PM

I have this thing when it comes to cameras...I don't really like pictures.No one believes me because my Facebook, Myspace, and Twitpic Photo Album is sooooo full,but I either took those photos myself or chose which ones would be showed.I don't know, there is something about someone pointing a camera at me that always makes me turn my head(like that picture up there).Sure,I have social anxiety but I can honestly say that that has nothing to do with the people taking my picture.

Perfect example,I celebrated my 24th birthday with some friends Friday and one of them pulled out her camera phone to take my picture,I was quick to turn my head and say, "no, no pictures!" I feel bad now that I think about it,because she just wanted a picture of me,but I just couldn't let her take it.

This is definitely something I'm going to have to work on SOON.But it's going to take time.

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