Ashy Hand Man

1:32 AM

I was in the store the other day with my mother and I was approached by a guy.I'm not really looking to date anyone right now,and I have really bad social anxiety.So when people just walk up to me I immediately become uncomfortable. Well,the guy walked up to me and introduced himself,I kept my head down staring at my Blackberry checking e-mails that I had already checked,anything to make this guy go away.But then he offered his hand as a way to introduce himself,and that's when I saw it...this damn man had ashy hands!My natural instinct was to say you should really be asking me for lotion,not my number.But I didn't,because while although I can be mean at times,this guys was actually really nice,I just wasn't interested.

If you are a brown skinned person,or just darker than ash,please,please, please,invest in some damn lotion.Baby oil is also your friend.It is NEVER ok for anyone to walk around with ashy hands,let alone offer said ashy hand to someone by way of a greeting.Talk about a damn pet peeve.Boy bye!

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