Justifying Your Thoughts & Actions

1:10 AM

I read this on Brook Lynne Carter's blog, "people who ask for advice are looking for an accomplice." I say people who ask for advice are usually looking for validation.I've said this once before either on my Facebook page or Twitter page(not really sure which one).When we ask for advice we are usually looking for someone to tell us what we already know,but for some reason we need to hear someone say that what we want to do or say is ok.So the person that made the first statement was right because a lot of times people ask you for advice,take it,and when it backfires they blame you for not guiding them correctly,but just like that statement is correct so is the one I made.Some people want you to justify their thoughts and/or actions. There is nothing wrong with that,just be careful who you give advice to and who you ask for advice,you don't want your words or theirs to bite you in the ass.
"Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it."~Agatha Christie

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