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Is The Topic Of Sex Taboo?

2:00 AM

I need more sexually open friends.I didn't realize that this was missing in my life until I started working at a baby store.Weird much?There were two girls that I worked with for almost two years,when we got together we talked about everything,love,hate, lust,sex,erotica,funny,weird, laughable...and the list goes on.Nothing was off limits when we got together to talk about who did what with who,or trying new things in and outside of the bedroom.When I would go from having a conversation with them to having a conversation with my friends outside of the work place,the difference between the two was mind boggling.

Again a lot of my friends have a hard time sitting down and having "the sex conversation" and it is driving me crazy.We are fucking adults talking about music videos!I'm not saying that every conversation should revolve around sex but it should never be an uncomfortable conversation between adults.Those who are uncomfortable talking about sex are usually uncomfortable with themselves when having sex.

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