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Give Me 50ft

1:52 AM

I don't know many women like me when it comes to relationships.I'm really weird,I love being in love because the feeling is so amazing yet I don't like the guy I'm dating to be around me too much.I need space and time.The guys I've dated over the past six to eight years have always understood this.I've always been given the time and space that I need when it's needed.But there was one guy that didn't get it and sadly enough he was the one that I loved the most out of all of my boyfriends,but it is what it is.There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.When we crowd the people we love,we tend to lose them because they feel smothered.When I'm with someone I am totally committed and when we are together it's all about them but there comes a time when I NEED me time.

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