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Friendship In Small Doses

1:50 AM

I was sitting here thinking about a friend that I've known for some years now,and I realized that when the time comes to see this friend again I'm either really excited or extremely disappointed.This does not mean that I don't love or like this friend it just means that I need them in small doses.

See this friend who shall remain nameless and genderless(you'll know why by the end of this blog)seems to be moving backwards in life.They are amazing when it comes to school,but that's kind of where the compliments stop.This person has a hard time listening when they are needed, they'd rather talk about themselves rather than listen to what's going on in anyone else's life.This person also has a tendency to come to me for advice,yet they never really wants it. I believe that they just like to hear me talk.Unfortunately for them,I don't like to just hear myself talk, which is why I am always so silent.

“Some people like my advice so much that they frame it upon the wall instead of using it.”~Gordon R. Dickson

I am in love with that quote because most people do exactly that,they ask for advice yet they don't use it.Half the time,they don't even listen to it.

But back to this friend,the last thing that seems to get on my nerves is when I give them advice that they may not like or may hurt their feelings(sigh) this person tends to disappear for a minute and resurface when they get over their hurt feelings.As an adult I don't have the patience to treat someone who is supposed to be an adult like a child.I will not hold your hand,or bend down to your level and talk in a soft tone because you don't like what I say.I don't seek people out so that I can give advice but when it's asked of me I give it freely because I feel that everyone has needed guidance once upon a time.This friendship may last forever but knowing me,if things don't change it will end sooner than that person thinks.I didn't mention names or call the person a he or she because I don't believe in putting people completely on front street,but I like to tell the truth and the truth is,I am an adult and I only need adult friends in my life.So if a hand full of people read this and only one person gets angry or offended,chances are you've known about your flaws all along but chose to ignore them.How mature of you.

I've always been told that I was mature for my age,but I have to wonder am I mature for my age or are the people around me immature for theirs?

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