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8:55 PM

I am writing a novel,editing a novel,trying to write a Query letter,and synopsis.On top of all of that,I am also looking for a literary agent.I just ran all of that down like it was so damn simple.NOT!This has got to be one of the hardest things I've ever done,I'm stepping out on faith and praying for the best.I've been keeping all of this a secret because I don't want people asking how the book is coming.I can't handle all of that pressure.In a way I feel like I am setting myself up for rejection.I contacted bestselling author Loure' Bussey and she has assured me that I am going to have to deal with rejection before I experience acceptance.She had to deal with the same fears and let downs before she got published,but she told me not to give up. Although I'm doing this for fun and because I like to write,I have to say that with me putting my heart into this story it's going to hurt when that first rejection letter hits the mailbox.But I think I'm ready...I think.

*Back to that damn Query Letter*

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