Why So Shy?

1:33 AM

Me and my girls had a girls night out,dinner at Swingers and a trip to The Pleasure Chest(one of my lovely friends needed a new vibrator).It's amazing the number of people I saw in this place at such a late hour,but I mean hey we were there so I did understand.When I surveyed the room I took in the kinds of people that were there and the kinds of people that were actually purchasing items.African American,White,Asian,Mexican,etc.you name it they were there,but the only people that were making purchases were the White people,and the Asian people,there was only one African American couple that actually made a purchase and it was two females.The African American men looked extremely uncomfortable and I could seriously see their relationship dying with every minute that passed.I was not shocked by the uncomfortable looks on the men's faces but I felt as if I should have been.The funny thing about the other races that were purchasing items, was the fact that the women were the ones picking up the items,and actually taking them to the register with their heads held high,the men however,gladly provided the credit card.I walked out there wondering,how many of those men would be secure enough to walk into The Pleasure Chest with a friend or by themselves and actually buy something.And how many men use sex toys with the one they love and would openly admit to it.

I'll give you the answer to that....not many.

If you haven't visited The Pleasure Chest at least once,don't knock it until you try it.I had a ball and in the end I came out of there feeling as if I was a sexologist due to the fact that one of my friends had 101 questions about every item in the store and I had to give her the break down for those items.I gave knowledge and I gained knowledge in that store,my job is done.

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