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What Would You Do?

9:33 PM

So a scenario was brought to my attention today.It was laid out like this....

When you're in a relationship,and you meet someone else who instantly has your attention.She is everything you've been looking for,so you go out on a date with her,and enjoy your time together.And you might not have planned it, but you sleep with this girl.Although you know it's not right it doesn't feel wrong.You start thinking,what am I doing?Because guess what?You have a girl at home,and you begin to wonder why you didn't meet this girl first.

I read that and instantly thought of a certain someone that I know.Some people thought the guy was wrong for writing this and some told him that it would never work.But my question is,if you can't have the girl you clicked with because as the saying goes,how you got them is how you'll lose them.Will it continue to work with the girl you've been with for years?Can you truly be happy with someone once you've seen what is out there?And would you want to?

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