We Speak Your Names

1:35 AM

I was sitting in my room and I started thinking about a poem I heard about two years ago.It was when Oprah created and hosted The Legends weekend.During that weekend there was a luncheon where the women gathered together and the recited a poem written by the writer Peal Cleage,it's called We Speak Your Names.This same poem was spoken at the Legends Balls later that weekend.

The first time I heard this poem I cried,the second time I heard this poem, I cried again.This happens every time I hear it.I even went out and bought the poem(book)when it was released and it still affects me to this day.There is something about seeing amazing women such as Dr. Maya Angelou,Ruby Dee,Coretta Scott King(R.I.P)etc.,and hearing this poem that honors them for all that they have done and the thanking them for paving a way for all of us that touches my heart and makes me proud to be the African American woman that I am.These women also make me want to work harder and dream bigger.

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