To Play or Not To Play

5:02 PM

I had a talk with a male friend about how one of my friend’s dog ate her favorite "toy". Now his reaction was, “that’s gross!” When he said this, I didn’t really give it much thought. Was it gross because the dog ate it or was it gross because it was a toy? Once the conversation was over and I had time to think, I began to wonder: is even the most open minded man close minded at the thought of sex toys being brought into their relationship? I know for sure that there are men out there who refuse to allow a toy into their sexual relationship but is that an insecurity or just a man wanting his woman to himself. Does he not want anything or anyone else getting his woman off but himself? Or is the relationship just that special that he doesn’t think they need a toy in bedroom? And if the woman thinks it's needed does the man automatically become insecure? Is it so hard to believe that the woman just wants to spice their sex life up?

I find that the most insecure men are the ones that proclaim they are a freak or that they want a freak. If you can't handle it don't ask for it.

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