Oral Evaluation

1:52 AM

The importance that is placed on oral sex is mind boggling.At one time I would have said that men ranked this higher on their list of must haves list than women,but times have changed and so has the mind set of most women.Now days if a man is not willing to please a woman orally she gets just as pissed as a man would if the woman is not willing to perform this same act.

There was an article written and posted on cnn.com where it was stated that a man's semen would cut down the chances of a woman getting breast cancer,all she had to do was swallow.Now I for one think...know that this article was written by what...A MAN.It doesn't surprise me.But what did surprise me was how many men didn't try to use this article to get their girlfriends/wives/mistresses etc.to perform the act using this as an excuse.I find that the reason for that is that there are a lot more women willing do this than back in the day when the subject was taboo.

How important is oral sex really?I mean are you really going to tell me that your partner doesn't care about you because they deny you this luxury...and it is a luxury not a necessity.

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