My Education My Reality

2:17 PM

I'm beginning to notice that people are judging my intelligence off of the education that I've received and the one that I'm receiving currently.Granted I've gained A Lot from my high school education, but it's as if there is no way I could be smart without my college education.I always hear: Alana you're so smart,you know everything.Now if that were true I would be doing so much more than I am doing right now.Knowing everything insinuates that you can do anything.Trying and doing are two totally different things.

Don't get me wrong,I am in no way trying to dumb myself down because I know that I am smart, but what other people fail to realize is that I would be just as smart even if I weren't in college.I've gotten most of my smarts from my parents,my brother Adrian,and life experiences not so much from college. In college, I've sharpened the skills that I feel were already pretty sharp.People think that I'm a good writer,can spell any word in the world,and speak well because I am in college.Those same people might be shocked to know that:

1. I wrote my first novel at the age of fifteen(all of my periods and commas were in the right place too)

2.I was writing poetry at the age of ten.

3.I was using college level words in high school.

4.The wisdom and intelligence that I have now I had then.I just know how to articulate it a little better now(high school sharpened that skill).

When I finished high school I didn't feel like I needed college and so I didn't go right away,but the real world calls for it so I did what I had to do.I started working and after I stopped being stubborn again,I started school and I'm still there.(God I wish it was over!)

For those who always compliment me on my writing and the way that I speak:As crazy as this may sound, English did not become one of my favorite subjects in school until I made it to college.This is not to say that I couldn't excel in the subject,I just didn't care enough to try as hard as I should have which caused me to receive not bad but not good grades either my 9th grade year.In school I was always bored because I knew that I could do the stuff that was given to me,and the stubborn side of me refused to do it just to prove that I could.My intelligence was in full effect back then-side eye-but I got over myself and did what I had to do.I showed up and showed out in that class.

I hate that people put college on people as if it's the only way to get through life.College is not for everyone,and choosing your own path in life(whether it involves school or not)is ok.What those people need to have to make it if they don't choose college,is a hustler's mentality.If you aren't willing to hustle and use the skills you've gained from living life and prior education,then you might want to look into higher learning because without it you'll never make it.The saying Only the strong survive is so true when you're out in the real world.

So I say ALL of that to say that I don't know everything,but I know a lot,and most of it came from living life not from college.My reality is not yours,but what is your reality?

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