Momentary Rant

3:05 PM

On Friday, Oprah announced that she was going to be ending the Oprah Show in 2011.We all knew that it was going to be coming because she's said it once before,but when I saw her tear up and make the announcement,it all became more real.

After I allowed everything that she said to sink in,I became not so much angry but disappointed.With no Oprah we are left with Tyra Banks and Wendy Williams.I love Wendy,but a serious interviewer she is not,she gossips.Tyra I can not stand,she makes everything about her.Like when she dressed up as an obese woman and walked around to see how people would treat her,but then she brought to obese women on her show,sat between them and cried about how her feelings were hurt.

My question after that show was this:how is this skinny ass woman going to sit between two big women who can't just take a suit off and magically become skinny,and cry about how her feelings were hurt?Bitch please!This was just the first of many shows that would start out about someone else but would soon turn into a show about Tyra's insecurities.I think Tyra needs a psychiatrist more than a talk show.

But I digress...

Back to Oprah,what are people going to do without her show?Some people actually live by her words,there are going to be a lot of lost people when the show does come to an end.Everyone with a book,a gadget,or some kind of product that needs her approval,better get it in quick, September 2011 is going to be here very soon.

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