The Loves Of My Life

12:18 AM

Whenever I meet someone I'm asked,do you have any kids.The answer is always yes and no,since the age of ten I've had these three on my hip,picking them up from school,registering them for school,making bottles,changing diapers,canceling plans because I was keeping them,going to the park,and loving them and always putting them first,(none of this is in order).I don't regret spending most of my time while I was growing up with them because they are mine.I love these three with everything inside of me and whatever they need,if I can provide it, they will have it. The oldest is Lauren Nicole Newsome a thirteen year old forty year old if you get my drift. She is one of the smartest kids I know.Straight A student,involved in school activities,and acts as if she's my age.She and her mother moved away when she was five years old,but every summer I get her for two months(that's two months of non stop talking).And every summer that she's here she says the same thing to me, Lana you're my favorite aunt/I love being with you/and the best one is I love you.She makes my heart swell.Lauren has been mine since the day she was born and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.Next is Nashir Adrian Stoner(named after the rapper Nas,his father wanted to name him 2pac. So I always say we dodged a bullet).He is twelve years old and although he's quiet sometimes, when he does open up it's like a flood.Nas is so smart,and never gets into trouble,he and Lauren are so much alike it's disturbing.I love the fact that he is a gentleman,he holds doors open for women,and he will carry a bag for a woman with no complaints.Our talks are my favorite part of our relationship because I find out so much about Nas that I didn't know.I didn't really get to raise him as I did the girls because mom was so protective of him but my love for Nashir is just as strong as it is for Lauren and Kennedi. Last but not least, there is the miracle baby of the family.Born three months earlier than she was supposed to be,Kennedi Marie Stoner-who is now six years old and just started 1st grade-is her own person.We were told that she might have some difficulties as she got older.Her comprehension skills are not up to the standards of the average six year old,and she has to work twice as hard to succeed,yet she is still nothing like they said she would be. Kennedi holds a place in my heart that my own child should hold(if I had a child) and the reason for this is, from the day Kennedi came home from the hospital I was there.When she was finally old enough to start spending the night away from home(3months old)I had her.She was with me every weekend and sometimes weekdays.Kennedi slept with me,I fed her whenever it needed to be done,I gave her every bath she took,and I changed every diaper with no help.Not that my parents wouldn't have helped,I just didn't want help.I took on the responsibilityof Kennedi,and nothing has changed in six years.She is one of the funniest most stubborn little girls I've ever had the honor to be around and I look forward to continuing to watch her grow.

I talk about them all the time,but honestly,no matter how often I talk about them,there is nothing like meeting the three people that stolen my heart.

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