The Innocence Of Love and Dating

12:29 AM

Was there ever such a thing?I'd like to think so.As crazy as my parents are,their story is amazing. They met at eleven and thirteen,but nothing really popped off,my dad looked at my mother as a little sister,in all actuality, he wanted her older sister.But as mom continued to grow up right before his eyes,he started to see what other guys were seeing,my momma was BAD honey!And she still is.They started to date,and like most relationships between young couples,they broke up, there was cheating and babies.But in the end they got married(so much drama in between all of this) and mom moved us from PA to Los Angeles where we've been for eighteen years.They've been married for eighteen years yet they've been together a lot longer(minus the break ups).

My point is that friendship and love should go hand in hand.Most men aren't trying to be your friend first and the man you love later.They aren't willing to take the steps that are necessary to build a long lasting relationship,it's all about getting in there and I don't mean sexually but emotionally. But if I'm more in need of a friend rather than a man,why aren't most men willing to be that?Any man I fall in love with has got to be my friend first there is no way around this,you can't have a meaningful relationship with someone you love but don't like.Where is the beauty and innocence of dating?

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