If I Shake My Ass Am I Not Worthy Of Love?

5:29 PM

This topic is a little touchy for me because I feel so strong about the subject.Let me start out by saying that a person's job does not define who they are and how good of a person they are.I think a lot of people either forget that or just don't give a damn.

Most people condemn strippers to being just that a stripper,they are called whores,prostitutes,sluts,and just no good.And the moment someone brings a stripper home,everyone acts as if it's the end of the world.Because they have a reputation using people for their money,or they say that what the woman is doing for one person she is doing for another,it's as if no one expects her to have feelings or expect her to be looking for that special someone.But what I've really noticed is that this stigma is only placed on women.When is the last time you've heard these warnings being given out to a woman about a male stripper?

"Girl watch your wallet."

"He's just using you."

"What,you don't think he's told other women he loves them too?"

All of this is placed on these girls,but no one ever takes the time to think about the fact they the stripper might be in school,she might have a house full of kids to take care of when she leaves the club,or this might not be her dream job,but she feels like this is all she is qualified to do.Now why is it ok for a man to shake his ass in someone's face,but when a woman does it, she has to have some kind of motive?I respect a stripper's hustle,they're getting paid to do what most women do in the club for free. The question remains:If I decided to shake my ass in the club,am I no longer worthy of love?

I am and so is every other man or WOMAN that chooses to live their life as they see fit.

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