He Touched Me

12:03 AM

Bruised, battered, sad, and confused, is what she felt when his hand touched her face,he wasn't supposed to hit her,they were only supposed to love each other.Where had the rage come from?When had he stopped loving her,and started hating her.He had to hate her to be able to cause her so much pain,right?Should she stay,should she go, are the questions she asked herself as she fought with the her decision.She leaves....

But the day has come and she has forgiven him,placing herself in a danger that she knows all too well.Everything is good,until...it happens again.And then the day comes when her family gathers at the cemetery and watches her casket be lowered into the dark cold ground.She never stood a chance.The day she went back is the day she signed her own death certificate.

Sound familiar?Get out and and find happiness or stay there and pray today that you'll see tomorrow.Love is blind but you don't have to be.

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