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Friendship Should Not Feel Like Work

8:31 PM

I had a thought today as I reflected on some of my friendships.What I began to think about was the work I actually had to put into these friendships.So I started to wonder:how great are these friendships if I actually had to work to keep them at the level where I myself am satisfied.Yet even though I asked this question I realized that these are the friendships I have a hard time letting go of,it could be because I put so much work into them that I don't want to see all of my hard work go down the drain, but it could also be the fact that if I let them go,it will be permanent.When I drop someone from my life,it's permanent,I never let them back in.This might sound really mean to some but it is my reality,and it's a choice I made long ago and I don't think I'll ever change.

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