Drawing The Line

1:35 AM

Doing what you know is right and resisting what feels right when you know it’s wrong. Where does it all begin and end? Saying no when you want to say yes, turning your head away when you really want that kiss, and pushing him out the door when you really just want to lead him towards your bedroom and let him have his way with you.

What happens when your conscious goes on vacation when you need it to be on duty? Do you go for what feels right but you know is wrong, or do you use the strength that you never knew you had to do what is right?

Do you allow your heart and body to lead you down a road where there is a big red sign that clearly says regret?

Or do you allow your head to lead you to a mirror where you can look at yourself and be proud of the person that is looking back at you?

One or other...not both...you must draw the line and pick a side because you can't go back.

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