Dating In LA...No Bueno

8:51 PM

Dating in Los Angeles is not as fun or easy as some may think.The superficial people,the wanna be rappers and singers who want me to listen to their music as if I work at Capitol Records,and the worst is the men that think I'm supposed to be honored that they picked me to talk to(boy bye).I don't want to meet a guy at a club,because they stunt too hard in the club and never really show who they are until later.I'm not trying to meet a guy online and end up on an episode of snapped and I'm certainly not trying to end up on Where Are They Now(the murder edition).It may sound cliché' but I just want a nice man that has something going for himself.Someone that has a sense of who he is,no insecurities,nothing like my father(my biggest fear is dating someone like my dad),compassionate, and the list goes on and on.Now I don't believe that I am asking too much,but judging by the guys that have come into my life (they are no longer around)I'm starting to think that maybe it is.This just means that I will be single forever.I don't have to have it all,but I would like at least three things off of my not so short list and I would like it without bulls**t please.Now is that too much to ask for?I'd say no,but I'm sure some would say yes,that just means that they are not the one for me.I don't have a problem with being single in the city what I do however have a problem with is a man asking me why I am single.I mean is that really a valid question?What am I supposed to say to that?

Well I like to stab people.

Ummmm....I think all men are full of shit therefore I choose to be single.

Yeah,because men ask me stupid ass questions like the one you just asked me.

or I could say....

I haven't found the right guy yet.

Now if I say that last one, the question then becomes,what's the right guy?Well what's with all the damn questions?Why is it so hard for a man to be your friend and possible boyfriend?Why must we go through the interviewing process?Because if we must go down my resume,throw the damn thing away because I don't want the position,it's obvious you want too much and yet you're giving so little,and the benefit package you're offering(bad conversation)just is't going to work for me.But thanks anyway.

*I like New York Men*

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