Date Of Convenience

12:28 PM

So on this Saturday of nothing to do I was thinking about a date of convenience.I know you've heard of a marriage of convenience:

Definition: A marriage of convenience is a marriage between two people for practical or financial reasons and not for love or intimacy.

Now I'm wondering does anyone do a date of convenience?Do people just date someone until the person they really want comes along?I can honestly raise my hand and say that I have.I've dated someone while waiting to find the right one for me and I still do it.But I never give false hope,I make it clear that we are not right for each other but we can still hang out and date.I don't see anything wrong with it personally,why should you be forced to sit at home and wait for the one,when you can go out,have fun,and wait?If we all tried a date of convenience there would be a lot less complaining and asking,where is he/she?The answer is,they're around,but you can't rush perfection.

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