Commitment Does Not Mean Forever

5:16 PM

Most of us that try to force a commitment are the ones that end up alone.This is not because we are not worth it,however,it is because of the pressure that is put on the man.What man wants to be forced to do something that they may or may not be ready for?When you force something to happen,and it does it doesn't last long because the person was not ready for it.There are so many elements that go into a relationship,and before you can completely commit yourself to anyone you have to have those key elements.Don't ask for a commitment because you think that it will make him stay longer...it won't.Just like children won't,but that's another story for another day. I'd rather be happy,and not in a committed relationship than beg someone to commit to me and only me only to find out that he's unhappy and that it's over.Commitment does not equal forever.The quicker people learn this,the better off they'll all be.

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