Cheating...Low Self Esteem or Ego

3:23 PM

This subject has so many excuses,but no solution.

Men cheat because they can,women cheat because of low self esteem.Wrong!Men also have low self esteem and women cheat because they can too.But does it make it right?

I could go into why I think men and women cheat but we'd be here all day and I just don't have that kind of time.So let's touch on the two reasons I've already addressed:

Low Self-esteem and because I can.

Low self-esteem=doing things to get attention,or trying to get what you can't get at home somewhere else.Your man/woman doesn't treat you right so you go out and find one that does for you what he/she won't do.But why not just leave?Why not say, "fuck it!I'm better than this, I'm out of here." Why is it so hard to walk away?Is it low self-esteem or is your ego so big and that power so strong that having more than one person on a string is just too good to let go of?

In some sense I believe that low self-esteem plays the role in cheating especially when a person doesn't think anyone wants them,or doesn't believe that they are worth loving.But I think that the Because I Can factor is so much bigger.

I say all of this to say that Karma is a bitch but being able to look yourself in the mirror is so much more important than Karma.Can you cheat on someone you say you love and look at yourself in the mirror and smile?

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