C'est La Vie!

5:19 PM

So I've reached a point in my life where I know what I want but I have no idea how I'm going to get there.We all run into road blocks in life,but everyone deals with them differently.For as long as I can remember,I've always known where I was going to be in the end.I know I know you can make plans but God's plans for you will always trump yours if they are not the same.I get that,but the side of me that never quits is still fighting it's way to the goals that I set so long ago.I'm in school yes,and when I was younger,I knew that I would go and I made sure it happened. Sure I had a moment when I wasn't as sure but that's besides the point.School is expensive but guess what?I pay for it by myself without help from my parents,and I do this because it's something that I want and something that I refuse to give up on.I've even decided to go to grad school,this means three or four more years of school when I'm done with this.

My new goal is to study abroad in Paris by next summer,but in a way I feel like I'm running from people in my life and things that surround me that I no longer want to be around.Don't get me wrong,this has always been my goal,I always knew that I wanted to study abroad,and I always wanted it to be in Paris.I've set this goal and I will achieve it one way or another.When I mention my plans of Paris to people they like to bring up the cost of studying abroad(almost $6,000 that's not including other things) but if I worried about money every time there was something I really wanted to do or every time there was something that I wanted to purchase,I wouldn't have anything and I wouldn't have gotten this far in life.

So yes,my outlook on life right now is a little murky,but as the french say:C'est la vie!

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