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5:50 PM

Just leave me alone!I don't really understand why it bothers people that I am a picky eater.How does my eating affect your life?Whenever I go out with friends or just go out in general and it comes time to pick the place to eat everyone always looks at me to pick the place.As I've said before I am a picky eater so why the hell are you looking at me?So I start the name game.Name a place that you'd like to eat at and I'll tell you if there is something on the menu that I will eat, because if you're waiting on me to pick we'll be here all night.

However,what I do find funny is when people ask me what I eat I get tongue tied, I don't know if it's God way of trying to stop me from snapping or if I'm really just not in the mood to go into all of that.I don't prove myself to ANYONE so when there is a question that sounds like someone is challenging me I either pop off at the mouth or I just go completely silent.My silence is sometimes more lethal than my words depending on the kind of day I'm having.

So for the people who ask me what I eat(Stephen that means you too),here is a list:

2.Corn Bread
3.Gumbo(every Thanksgiving)
5.Macaroni and Cheese (my momma's mac and cheese only)
6.Fried Chicken(breast only please)
8.Lasagna(Christmas only)
9.Cube Steaks
10.Steak(but only four times a year sometimes less)
11.French Fries(me and Kennedi do not play)
12.Italian food(I would go down the list with this one,but that would take to damn long)
21.Corn & String Beans(just not together...that's nasty)
22.Sprinkles Cupcakes(I'm going to end it right here because this list could go on for a minute and I ended it with my favorite thing to eat when I want to treat myself,or when I feel like driving out to Beverly Hills.)

Honestly I eat more fruit I hope I've made someone's day by finally kinda sorta answering the question that seems to bother them so much.Thank you so much for caring.

*exit stage left*

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