Back Down Memory Lane

12:08 AM

So I was washing the other day,and as I was putting my clothes up,and as I tried to close one of my drawers something kept stopping it from closing.So of course I inspected it and I found that my panoramic picture from eighth grade was in the way,and so I pulled it out.

The things I saw when I looked at that picture brought back so many memories,my first real boyfriend.Not that boyfriend that you only had while school was in session,no,I'm talking about my first real boyfriend.I also saw what I was wearing in that damn photo,I started wondering if I even knew that we were taking a picture that day.The ponytail with the bangs,overalls(yes I wore overall back in THE day...don't judge me),and I'm not sure what shoes I was wearing but I'm sure they were anything but fly.

But my point is,I sat on the floor and began to think back(and because I am so dramatic I started playing Back Down Memory Lane by:Minnie Riperton)and as I did this, I started thinking about my Junior high crushes,how me and my friends use to walk home after school, and the after school dances that were $1(do they still do that?).

Life was so simple back then,because you would not catch me and my friends walking from school today.We'd walk from class to our cars,and dances are no longer $1, we pay so much to get into a club today that we could throw twenty of those dances,and crushes are no longer relevant in my life,I either like you and go for it or I don't like you and move on with my life.It's just funny how life is continuously moving forward yet when you look up you are either moving with it,or you've been left behind.

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