Am I The Problem and What's The Solution?

1:46 AM

I had a talk with a friend tonight and he asked the question of what's the most recent date I'd been on that I actually want to be on.I told him a month ago which is true,but I felt like he was really asking me,how many men have you given a chance?Now I could be wrong,but this is just what I felt.Anyone I agree to go out with is given a fair chance, but men are hard headed.I have a thing about dating,I won't date a man seriously until we've known each other for a while and we become friends.

Here is the reason why,as I've said in one of my other posts,you can't be in a relationship without having a friendship first.You can love a person with your whole heart but you don't have to like them.A friendship helps you build that part of your relationship that so many know nothing about.I'd love to be seeing someone right now,without worrying about them trying to get into my pants,but there aren't a lot of men out there willing to be friend first lover later.And if there are,they should really raise their hands so that women like me could see them.We are looking.

I know my standards are high when it comes to what I want and what I don't want but I refuse to settle because when we settle, the happiness we should feel in our relationships is not there.I'm just so over the dating around thing at this point.I've been there and done that and I'm really tired of it all.Dating is like closing your eyes and placing your hands in a bag without the knowledge of what you might pull out,that shit is not fun.But again I won't settle and if this means that I'll be alone for a minute then so be it I have homework to do anyway.

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