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Sex With A Friend

10:44 PM

It's a touchy subject I know,but it happens all the time and has many different outcomes.Lets look at why it's so east to fall into what I call the Sex Buddy Trap.The friends that we fall for are the ones we've known the longest,they are the ones that we've told our deepest darkest secrets to,they are the ones that don't judge us,and they are the ones that never seem to hurt us, but the ones that can hurt us the most.

Why Can They Hurt Us?
Because there is nothing they don't know about us,they have everything they need to use if they really want to get under our skin.They know our weakness, and sadly enough,sometimes they are our weakness.

Why them?
Because they have accepted you flaws and all,and yet they continue to make you feel so special, more special than any other man or woman has ever made you feel.Is this a mind game?Maybe, maybe not.

What Do We Do?
We take that leap of faith, and hope the outcome is what we've been hoping for.

And What Is The Outcome?
There can be many outcomes,but avoid all of them just don't have sex with a friend if you haven't weighed all of the pros and cons.I'd love to say just don't do it,but because my strength is not your strength I choose to say think before you act.What feels good at one moment can make you feel horrible when it's over.

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