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Loving Him More Than You Love Yourself

12:00 AM

"You give me butterflies Got me flying so high in the sky I can't control the butterflies"

~Alicia Keys

I understand why women tend to love the men in their lives more than they love themselves.Do I agree with it?Not in the least.Will I play the psychologist that I'm not?Hell no!But I will ask you this:Why do you think it's possible to love someone when you don't love yourself?It's impossible.Here is the thing,you need to fall in love with yourself before you run out calling yourself falling in love with a man,or woman(depending on what you like).

He/She gives you butterflies,they talk you up,they tell you that they love you,but do you love yourself?Do YOU think you're beautiful?If your answer is no,then step back and ask yourself why?Fix it and then go out there and try to love them and demand that they love you as you love yourself.I know this may sound really corny,but it's so true.

I have a friend that has just had a baby,I haven't seen her since high school(that was five years ago)and just recently we got in touch with each other(good old Facebook).Sadly, she is not the same girl I knew in high school,her self esteem is so bad it's almost non existent,and her love for her baby's daddy is so strong that it outweighs the love that she should have for herself.Mind you he is not with her,he is with his third baby's momma but all the while he's telling my friend that they are going to be together one day.(No Bueno!)

Ladies if the love of a man is more important than anything else in your life especially if you believe that it's more important than the love you have for yourself...again,it's time to take a step back and find out who you really are,because a man can only love you as much as you love yourself...let's get it together.

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