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Love On Paper

12:17 AM

Like most women,when I start feeling like I'm lacking love in my life I turn to romance novels.Now being an African American woman I tend to lean more towards romance novels written by African American women and here is why.

When I read a novel by any other race I feel like the love is so over exaggerated,and that it stops being believable.But when I read a novel by someone such as Loure' Bussey,Frances Ray,or Brenda Jackson it seems as if the novel is written for me,these women write love stories that I can see myself in because they are everyday African American women and men dealing with real life and love.The women and men in these stories start out not being so lucky in love,but in the end they get what we are all waiting for which is their soul mate.Someone that will love them unconditionally,hold them when they cry,and fight with and for them.What woman doesn't want that?Black,white,yellow,green,color doesn't matter because love has no color.It's a colorless emotion that feels so right when it's done properly.What more can you ask for?

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