Los Angeles...Where I Stay Does Not Define Who I am

5:37 PM

So I mentioned to a friend that I was in love...with these fly shoes I saw on the Internet and his response was, "you're showing where you're from again." But if I'm from Decatur IL,(a very small country town)but moved to LA when I was four,am I really showing where I'm from?(I know,I'm very analytical...it's in my blood)

When people think of LA,they think of Hollywood,Clubs,Beverly Hills,etc.But when I think of the place that I love I think about all of the places that people overlook such as,Movies At The Beach,Driving Down PCH,Hiking At Griffith Park,even riding the old Carousal at Griffith Park.I like to dress and have a small shoe fetish,but in no way am I a Hollywood kind of person,that's not my style,but it's hard to explain that to people that don't live here.In their eyes,we're all the same,but I'm here to tell you as a girl who has lived most of her life out here that A Lot of us have been able to avoid getting caught up in the fake world that people think is so perfect.
Los Angeles=Just one out of the millions of other interesting places in the world.

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