LA Nightlife

6:42 PM

It's Friday night and I am sitting at home with nothing to do and so sick that I don't know what to do with myself.But I'm finding it hard to sleep with all this stuff running around in my head.You see,I'm a thinker.I always have been and most likely I always will be,this can sometimes be a good thing but sometimes it can bite me in the ass.

So as I've already said,it's Friday and while LA is buzzing with a Maxwell Concert,clubs like Hyde,Le Duex,LAX,and Opera I'm at the house blogging.I really think I take my city for granted,knowing that it's out there,I have no desire to jump up every freaking weekend and party.Because in my mind I think I know that it will always be there.Again,I'm taking my city for granted.I like to do simple things like read,shop,meet friends for coffee,and have the occasional dinner with my girls.In LA it's such a cliché for girlfriends to dress up,meet somewhere and have dinner.But it's so much fun if you have the right girlfriends in your life,I have those and we're having dinner next Sunday,and tomorrow I'm meeting another friend for coffee tomorrow afternoon and so tonight I'm going to sit in my room and try to feel better while the rest of you party your asses off tonight .

Have a great Friday night you guys. :)

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