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judge lest ye be judged

1:55 AM

"Do you see that bitches hair?"

"Yeah girl,she could have left that fake shit in the store."

"Tryin' be like Beyonce'"

And so on and so forth...

Now I'm sure that just sounded very familiar whether you were the one having the conversation,or you just overheard it.This goes on every single day with WOMEN!What the hell is wrong with us?Now with the struggles we have to go through when we enter the male dominated world of the movie industry,music industry,or the corporate world,you would think that we women would come together and at least TRY to uplift each other.Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to sit here and act like I haven't done it before,and I could go on and say that what I've said is true and I only do it to people that are really looking wrong.BUT that does not make me right nor does it mean that it's the truth,no we're in the same damn boat(even if we don't want to be)it's a sad reality but it is a reality none the less.And why is it that whenever we talk down about somebody we use Beyonce' as an example?I can answer this question in five words: 'cause that's a bad bitch!She does things some of us only dream about,she has accomplished things that quite frankly some of us may never even get close to,and she is living the dream that every little girl that danced around in her room with the hair brush singing wished for ever night before she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.Don't hate her because she has what you want,get up off your ass and try to catch up to or bypass her.

If you're not willing to do that,then shut the hell up and stop hating on the next chick that had the balls to go after her dreams.

Oh...I know I shouldn't but...I completely condone people talking about that damn Frankie and Neffe,now talking about those two is not hating,it's speaking the truth.A MESS!

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