I Want To Forgive You And I Want To Forget You

12:02 PM

Forgiving and forgetting,are they one and the same?Does giving someone a second chance mean that you've forgiven them?

Many people would say yes, they say you can't truly forgive if you don't give out a second chance.I don't agree,forgiving someone does not mean that you forget everything that they've done to you,it doesn't mean that you say to them.

"You treated me like shit,I forgive you so come on and do it again."

Forgiveness is for your soul,it's so that you no longer have to carry the weight of not forgiving someone.You don't forgive for the other person,you do it for yourself.I think a lot of people get it mixed up and think that they are the same thing,but lets give examples.

Lets say your boyfriend/girlfriend cheats on you,but you decide that you are going to give a second chance.But every time you get in an argument you continue to bring up the fact that he once cheated on you.(Now you have not forgiven or forgotten what once was but you have given a second chance.But a second chance doesn't mean anything if the past is still in your pocket)

Now another example:your best friend betrays you,and you are extremely hurt,but after being angry for a little while you decide that there is no reason that you can't forgive her.So you've forgiven her but you haven't forgotten what she's done to you,but every time you see each other saying hello is a little easier.(This is forgiveness,now whether you give a second chance or not is up to you.)

I say all of this to say,you should always forgive it's good for your soul,but that in no way means that you have to forget or give a second chance to someone who has hurt you once before.Be smart,and protect yourself.

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