Girlfriends...Can Sometimes Be The Best

1:25 AM

A true girlfriend holds your hand through it all,whether you are busting the windows out of your current or former man's car,or taking that ass whooping he's handing out every night or every other night.And if she has to get him up off you she will, by any means necessary.

A true girlfriend picks up the phone when you call at two in the morning(she may not be happy about being woken up...but she'll get over it)and she'll listen to every teary word you speak.

A true girlfriend,is sitting next to you in the jail cell wondering how in the hell ya'll got there,but realizes that she wouldn't have done this shit with or for anyone else but you.

A true just there.

She may not agree with the man you choose to spend your time with,but she rides it out with you.If ya'll break up she'll hold you when you cry,and if ya'll make it she'll be maid of honor.

If you don't see at least one of these things in any of your girlfriends,I have one question for you: Why the hell not?

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