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Forbidden Fruit

10:24 PM

Why do we fall for the man we can't have, the shoes we can't afford, or even the food we know we aren't suppose to eat? It is our forbidden fruit, whether it be the best friend that we can't have because he has a girlfriend or just doesn't know how you feel; it's the Dior shoe that is fly on the runway, but when you walk into the store the price is way too high; and it's that piece of cheesecake you know you shouldn't even be looking at yet you can't help but taste the icing. Why is it that the things we can't or shouldn't have are the things that look most appealing? The answers to these questions I do not have, yet I'm almost certain that if we each were presented with just a taste of our forbidden fruit, we'd take it. And I for one believe that it would be the sweetest fruit that's ever touched my lips.

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