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Fantasy Vs. Reality

4:17 PM

Is a fantasy just a fantasy?And do people ever really act upon them?

So I was watching Tyra today, and the show was about fantasies.There was a woman who was a Christian Children Book Author who wanted to be a porn star,a woman that wanted to have a threesome with her boyfriend and an Asian woman, and the icing on the cake was the woman that wanted to dress her man up in women's underwear and put him in a cage and beat him.

Now this all sounds really weird and crazy I'm sure,but I'm also certain that we've all had our fair share of fantasies.But how many people are really secure within themselves and their relationships to act them out or at least admit to their better half that they want to try something a little different?Some might call you weird if they knew what your fantasy was,and some might call you a freak.I personally applaud anyone that is open enough to go for what they want.

What's your fantasy?

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