5:02 PM

Bulls**t~When a person is communicating through their ass.
(This definition is from the Urban Dictionary Webster wouldn't have given me the definition I wanted)

And I totally agree.I don't like bulls**t,but for some reason it seems to like me because that's what I've been getting from people lately.Do me a favor,when you see me on the street,I don't mind you talking to me,but save the bulls**t for someone who wants to hear it....that person is not me.My bulls**t detector is ALWAYS on.

If you know you got a girl,don't come up to me.

If you know that we've never met don't ask me, "don't I know you from somewhere?"...HELL NO!

If I'm frowning don't ask, "why you looking so mean?"...Because people like you don't get the damn hint.

And if I'm pumping gas in my car don't ask me, "so what you got up for the day?"...(sigh) driving damnit,hence me pumping gas in my damn car.

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