Family - 11:53 AM


"Tell Lana not to bring her ass into town again and not come by to see me!" My dad on the left and my uncle on the right ...

Honesty - 12:43 PM

When Friendships Are Broken

I look for you everywhere. In my text messages, in my phonebook, even in  my emails. I look for something that tells me that you're t...

Dating - 1:01 PM

Dating Is Hard...

I don't necessarily agree with that statement, but it was definitely a topic of discussion while on Twitter the other night. Last year...

Depression - 1:24 PM

I Hate August

August was a shitty month. There is just no other way to break it down. It was filled with death, disappointment, racism, hatred, and u...

Cheating - 11:53 AM

Online Dating: Is This All That's Left?

One day while not working, my co-worker and I started talking about dating, and somehow I got her to sign up for OkCupid. Because jumping...

Friendship - 1:29 AM

Alana Needs A Break

Angie, Alana, Stephen, and Rilee I went hiking with friends a couple of days ago. It was a plan that started with one person and s...

Celebrities - 8:00 AM

Decision Making: My Struggle As A Professional Writer

I have an article I need to write, an interview I need to prepare for, and a day to start, but I can't do any of that without writing ...

Sincerely Alana - 1:34 AM


"Alana, you're a really good writer." My dad said this to me as I sifted through the numerous emails in all four of my emai...

Life - 3:21 AM

Courage or Comfort?

"The path to loving and belonging is vulnerability." ~Dr. Brene Brown It's kind of hard to write a post about vulnerabil...

Acceptance - 11:01 AM

Closure: You May Never Get It

Closure: A feeling of finality or resolution, especially after a traumatic experience. It's different for everyone. We don't all...

Quick Thought - 12:46 AM

Quick Thought: Hurt People

It's been said very often that, "Hurt people hurt people." This means that those who have been hurt once before sometimes la...

Honesty - 12:01 AM

Nobody's Perfect...Not Even Me

It is easier to be honest with someone about their shortcomings than it is to be honest with yourself about your own. This isn't a s...



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